Category: Product Design

Voronoi Glass

An experiment with Rhino3D and Grasshopper3D to render repetitive Voronoi structures.


The Kicker is an exciting new concept for road and off-road sports. With a ski movement the Kicker is steered. Pick up speed with your feet, a kite,…

Revolving BBQ

A revolutionised design for a BBQ, rotating the entire grid to adjust the height. The food can be easily rotated for an even distribution of heat among the…

Rolling Radio

A Radio that rolls: when stations are found, the radio locks at the frequency, and will be stable. Pushing it over the threshold will make the Radio search…

Zen Calculator

A beautiful calculator which invites to be touched.

3D Shadow Disco

The Shadow Disco is a light installation for festivals. A large screen separates people on two sides, and shadows are projected on the screen. Via 3D glassess shadows…

3D Printable Walking Robot

The walking mechanism for the Halobject was redesigned into a wind-up toy robot. The design is printable using an SLS 3D printer. The 3D printed prototype below.

Interactive Lighting

Lights being aware of their neighbouring lights, and responding accordingly. A short research on algorithms that can display interesting emerging behaviour based on the simplest rule: whats are my…